Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

Jul 06

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man



Leo woman and Capricorn man may have different personalities but they always feel attracted towards each other. Leo woman is cheerful, adventurous and talkative person while Capricorn man is highly practical, determined and stable in personality.

Leo woman:
Leo woman is very charming and beautiful lady. She is strong enough to take care of herself. She is dominating but affectionate too. She has friendly nature and her talkative nature makes her famous in audiences. She likes getting attention from others and it boosts her confidence. She has royal tastes and she wouldn’t mind spending money on it. She makes loyal partner in relationship. She has huge respect for her lover and would expect the same from him. She would be possessive towards him.


Capricorn man:

Capricorn person is very dedicated and ambitious person. He wants to achieve respect and fame for his work. He also wants to have financial security which can secure him and his family’s future. He may not have many requirements and feels happy alone. He has better control on his emotions thus he takes his social life and relationship lightly. He likes to work alone and stay in calm environment. He doesn’t like to be part of any controversies or risky works thus he always stays away from such things. He is would like to have control of his own life. If he falls in love with any woman then he will want her to be his lover forever. He would like to protect her and fulfill her every desire.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

Capricorn man always cherishes the positive attitude of Leo woman. He is attracted to bold and beautiful personality her. She has good communication skills and can use it to distract him from his work. She wants him to stay connected with her but his dedicated nature to work won’t let him stay with her. She may have very good social life out of their relationship and she may show interest to enjoy her social life. Her extravagant nature can make Capricorn man worried about their relationship as he choose to be at home when not working and her absence can hurt him deeply. Leo woman has kind nature and she will forgive him quickly understanding his practical nature and need to maintain closeness for better results.

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They may have different personalities but together they can always be useful to each other. Leo woman has impulsive nature and she wants somebody who can bring little practicality and stability in her life. She finds Capricorn, perfect for this job; also he can always tolerate her royal expenditures. She wants a partner who can match her status and success; Capricorn man is the person with strong will power and practicality thus it is easily achievable by him. Leo woman may find just opposite traits in Capricorn man but she will be happy that he keeps her happy and gives enough respect to her.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

When Leo woman and Capricorn man decides to be together, Leo Woman and Capricorn Man both find many things to learn from each other but they will have to compromise lot of things. He likes to save money for better future while she wants to live in better present. Capricorn man is very protective towards Leo woman but she wants to be free and enjoy her life. He must accept to the truth that though she lives freely in her social life, she comes back again and stays loyal to him. She will not like to know about Capricorn man doubting on her character and this can create big mess in their relationship. Leo woman should also concentrate on his feelings. He may not be able to express his feelings but if she spends some time with him then she can learn about his insecurities and what he actually seeks from her. They both need to show some patience and trust for their partner to survive in this relationship.

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